Can health insurance cover therapy?

The simple and comprehensive answer is usually yes, you can see a therapist through your insurance. The most comprehensive and often complex answer is the type and the amount of coverage you have sometimes depends. There are significant and variable differences in the types of insurance benefits offered by insurers. There are also out-of-pocket expenses you should be aware of.

As is often the case with employment-based health insurance, coverage can be present everywhere. A company can comprehensively cover psychotherapy or counseling sessions. Another may only cover the minimum. And don't hesitate to contact insurance companies if you're not sure what they cover and to what extent.

Insurance coverage is confusing, so knowing what questions to ask and how to navigate the system is helpful in accessing services. If you don't believe it, ask someone who is considered uninsurable because of a diagnosis you received after a psychological test. Quartet Health is an independent company that provides behavioral health care support services on behalf of Blue Cross NC. A deductible plan means that you pay all your medical expenses up to a certain amount, at which point insurance begins to cover a specific percentage of your costs.

Your insurance card usually indicates the type of plan you have, but you can get this information on their website or by calling the customer service phone number on your card. You may be able to get the therapy covered by insurance through your employer's health plan, but you'll need to do everything you can to find out what type of coverage you have through a company plan. Given the expected changes in health care laws, this will make buying health, disability and life insurance more difficult and expensive for you and your family. While the ACA requires that some plans cover counseling, therapy and other mental health care, it doesn't require that all plans cover them.

Medicare Advantage (known as Part C) generally covers therapeutic services at least at the level of your original Medicare plan or better. Laws have been enacted to protect people diagnosed with a mental health condition to ensure they can get the health coverage and mental health help they need. Even if the answer to the question is that the therapy covered by insurance is yes, some people still choose not to use it. Out-of-pocket costs may be required to cover the cost of therapeutic services and any Part B deductible, copayment, or coinsurance.

Telehealth offers virtual consultations with doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, or other health professionals via video, phone, or mobile app.

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